Your Disney Packing List

We know you know how to pack. Clothes, toiletries, you’ve got it (don’t forget the underwear!). But when it comes to Disney, there are a few helpful things you might have forgotten to toss into your suitcase, and we’re here with a checklist for you!

    1. The Obvious: Pack clothes for warm weather! Florida heat is year round, although winter months are much milder than summer ones. If you’re visiting November-March, you might want to bring a hoodie and some long pants, just in case.
    2. The Rain Gear: Summer is one of the most popular times to visit Disney (we get it, we have kids, too!). It’s also when Orlando gets rain – so reliably you can practically set your watch by it! Plan for afternoon rainstorms pretty much every day from May through October. If you’re staying in one of our vacation homes, this is a great time to head back to the house and relax for a bit, then hop back to the parks for the cooler evening weather. If you’re an all-day park-goer, consider tossing ponchos in your pack! We like the lightweight ones you can buy in bulk on Amazon – they come in adult and kid sizes, and they come in a package so small that they’re easy to toss in a pocket.
    3. The Sun Gear: Listen. You’re going to need more sunscreen than you think. The good news is, you can order online and have it delivered to our vacation homes – Instacart delivery from grocery stores is easy, and Amazon Prime delivers to us as well. (You can get anything delivered to our homes that is sent via UPS, FedEx, or courier – just nothing by USPS, as the post office does not deliver to Windsor Hills. Make sure to select the fast delivery option and you’ll be good!)
    4. Reusable Water Bottles and Carrying Straps: Here’s our favorite hack! When our kids got past the diaper bag stage, we downsized the size of the bags we carried and sometimes even went purse-free (shocking, yes!). But you’re always going to want a water bottle at Disney, because hydration is KEY. Pack your favorite reusable water bottle, and grab one of these carrying straps for it, so no matter the bag situation, you’re set. Bonus: you can adjust the size of the strap so the kids can carry their OWN water bottles for a change!
    5. Batteries and Chargers: Disney sells these in several stores, in a pinch, but they’re pricey. Know that you’re going to be using your phone for a lot of the Disney experience, so if your battery life isn’t great, make sure you’re carrying backup.
    6. Cooling Towels: If you’re visiting in the heat of summer, consider tossing a few of these into your gear. Soaked in water, they’ll wick heat away from tired heads and necks. If you’re a stroller-user, you may also want to invest in a clip on fan or mister!
    7. Pool Toys: Our vacation homes feature private pools, and the Windsor Hills resort pool is a kids’ paradise. If your kids are divers like ours, toss a few dive toys into your luggage to keep them occupied for hours. And don’t forget the goggles! Alternatively: when you’re placing your grocery order, add a toy or two so it doesn’t have to come with you on the plane – all of the groceries around here have a huge pool section with inexpensive toys!
    8. Straws: Disney is a paper straw only place these days. If you need something else, bring a few reusable straws with you. Don’t worry, our vacation homes have dishwashers!
    9. Carabiners: If you’re going to snag a refillable Disney popcorn bucket for inexpensive all-day snacking in the parks (you should!), you’ll want to be able to carry it hands-free. You can attach it to your stroller, your bag, or even your cargo pants with a carabiner, and the kids can just help themselves. You can also bring some “parent-sized” carabiners to add to your stroller’s storage capacity!
    10. Credit Cards: Disney is now a cashless environment – get the plastic ready! Touchless payment is everywhere, so it’s quick and easy. Note that you can only use your Magic Band for payment if you’re staying at a Disney resort hotel – but most stores and vendors do accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, make sure to book one of our incredible vacation homes, just minutes from the parks. You’ll have all the space you need to spread out with your entire family, a private pool, and you’ll spend less than you would at a hotel! Pack up all your supplies and come visit us – we can’t wait to host you!

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